Spray détecteur court circuit V7s 200ml MECHANIC

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Mechanic Freeze Spray V7s for Faulted Electronic Component Detection (200ml)

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Use advanced environmental protection refrigerant material, the surface temperature will drop to – 60 ℃ immediately after using it, it’s gas can cooling circuit, as well as quick cooling machine parts, in order to detect the fault of electronic parts and electrical equipment, It is safe to use on the surface of sensitive components and many other materials. Its features are  Incombustible, no residue, non-conductive, evaporates quickly, and does not damage the metal.

Product characteristic:

  1. environmental protection, do not contain CFC and HCFC, non-flammable formula. Instant cooling to – 60 ℃.
  2. no residue, instant evaporation,  the surface of materials is still clean after evaporation, does not affect the current attributes.
  3. harmless for plastic, rubber, coating surface, metal, and glass, it will not damage the surface of the materials.
  4. with a precise nozzle and lengthened tubule, press head-like gun shape, for more convenient and accurate use.
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