OPULA 2in1 Cleaning Screen Cleaning Kit kcl-1023

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OPULA 2in1 Professional LCD TV / Computer / Laptop Cleaning Product Screen Cleaning Kit with MSDS


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1, * generally used for flat screen, camera, cell phone, display, TV, computer, and CD, DVD etc.

2, * Exclusive cleaning solution will not damage the coating of the LCD screen, without alcohol, ammonia, without any harmful components!

3, * Microfiber cloth can clean dust, fingerprints, smudges and lint with high efficiency.

4, * The soft brush can clean the dust and dirt from the screen, keyboard and so on without damaging the suface.

5, * clean thoroughly, leaving no water marks, non-toxic products. No damage to the screen, can effectively wipe off the dust on the screen surface, dirt, fingerprints, etc. and form a protective layer, make the adhesion of dust not easily, reduce the electrostatic generation

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